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Vacation Home Rentals Website Review & Ratings + Vacation Home Rentals Coupons

Vacation Home Rentals: Products & Services is a Vacation Home Rentals company that was founded by Tom Gilmore in 2004 and operates online. The website does not rent properties directly to the renters but provides a vacation home rentals forum where a network of property owners may serve the needs of vacationers and travelers by providing Vacation Rentals: Homes, Beach Houses, Condos, Cabins & Villas ...

This interaction is via a Sitemap where travelers or owners/managers may Find a Rental| and Become An Affiliate or consumer. The family to family rentals interaction, products and services are provided via the website in no particular order:

  • Company background or About Us

  • Finding a suitable rental location and venue

  • Becoming an Affiliate

  • Pricing information’

  • Package information and Availability

  • Shipping Rates and Policies

  • Website Security

  • Social Media Presence

  • Payment

  • Business Information

  • Customer Feedback and Reviews at an Online Testimonials Page

  • Certification and Verification

  • Website Popularity links



This is a company that is a strong contender when placed next to companies like Isango dot com. They are however a special network of famili-to-family-rentals packages to be found at Vacation Home Rentals dot com.

Vacation Home Rentals: Company Background


The About Us page is informative warm and inviting in its history. When you’re looking for a range of romantic slip-away weekends, family holidays, retreats, conference or symposium rentals, rendezvous or comfortable and affordable splendor and a home away from home, look no further than the family Vacation Home Rentals at in Newburyport, MA.

This business was founded in 2004 based on a single act by the owner, Tom Gilmore’s grandfather about eighty years ago. He rented their Maine property an astounding $17.50 per week and families 

have been gathering and creating memories generations later. This company is about family and providing affordable accommodation with a Best Price Promise and their Happy Rental Guarantee; housing the cherished trusted moments that generational experiences are based on; if only for a while.




Vacation Home Rentals: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The customer feedback testimonies about can be found at Vacation Home Rentals where many travelers have taken the time to affirm their proven track record.

They have over ten million travelers making use of a secure Vacation Home Rentals in all of the United States of America, eighty-nine countries and utilizing 13 200 of its properties worldwide. This is impressive with safety and Security measure in place the testimonies reach as far as Amazon online.


New vacationers are introduced to a very cheerful customer, “Maggie Hendler” who enthusiastically exclaims, “Love this site” and she’s only made use of their services a humble two times and had the wonderful experience of interacting with the home owners each time she made use of the services rendered at Sabrina Wing Hui-Drucker echoes the same over Tracie La Valley’s “big shout out” for Vacation Home Rentals. They also have a pop up that encourages customer feedback after the site visit. These on site Testimonials spur you on to want to gain the same experience of vacation home rentals.

Although, the customer feedback is an enthusiastic, energetic and supportive 5+, I’m going to be a bit prudent and state that I would have liked to have known more about the package, pricing, shipping and overall accommodation experience from their customers on site without leaving the site for more information.

Vacation Home Rentals: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Become an Affiliate program support through an Online Application as a great means of referral income commission that supports network growth and business credibility.

After running a background check, it was discovered that Best Business Bureau at did not confirm Vacation Home Rental Accreditation or Certification. This is important as many business people look for the accreditation seal. It's not visible on the site and it's time consuming searching for it. This may be an oversight or needing to improve website content; however, a lack of verification visibility (no verification seals) and a lengthy search for verification lowers traffic, loses focus and lowers Vacation Home Rentals ratings for now.

The Vacation Home Rentals dot com website did verify that they are

  • TrustE certified and

  • Powered by Perceptions and their own privacy policy.


They are also bound by Wordpress policies which is the back office of the website. Not much else was found on the website's busness credibility. Vacation Home Rentals' success is owed to the many vacationers that take their time to share their experiences by posting, blogging or tweeting their testimonies via one Vacation Home Rentals' Social Media presence.

Vacation Home Rentals: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Vacation Home Rentals website populatity as as follows:

Although superb reviews place their vacation home rentals at the forefront of the industry, their website popularity leaves room for improvement where more visitors mean more website popularity. This having been said and done, website popularity does not determine good vacation home rental as a real destination. The website is clear, concise, detailed and receives guests that are guided through a picturesque digital display and packages to get the most suitable accommodation to meet their needs.


Vacation Home Rentals offers a Become an Affiliate program support through an Online Application as a great means of referral income commission that supports network growth, website or online presence and website popularity to a well equipped site. It is for this reason that it gets a fabulous four.


Vacation Home Rentals: Social Media Presence

First impressions are lasting impressions or say they say and if you can say it through an online photo album, it appears that the most popular choice would be Facebook. Vacation Home Rentalsreceived 37 likes on Facebook and 211 Google plus followers. Millions of travelers appear not to have the time for Social Media Press like Facebook... Facebook.- Twitter - Blog Feed - They also have a Blog that allows for online interactions blog at vacation home rentals Pinterest - Google Plus -


However, their popularity isn’t because of a Social Media presence, but because of the quality of service that they deliver asVacation Home Rentals.Don’t be fooled by social media networks like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook…they’re more temporary that the actual experience that is about family and that is the brand mark of 37 likes on, - Dig Sites Value, Vacation Home Rentals | LinkedIn, blog, | Trade Nosis.

Google, Twitter…is an indication of Vacation Home Rentals growing social media presence, yet close knit family experience that is the same today as it was eighty years ago for Tom Gilbert’s grandfather and family. Although, Vacation Home Rentals social media is in keeping with its sentiment, it is rated a warm, conservative and sentimental three for practical Social Media presence.



Vacation Home Rentals: Website Security & Safety serves the same purpose as an online newspaper or magazine that can’t physically visit every site nor meet each visitor in person. They like every other website business rely on customer feedback and user integrity. Property owners have access to the site and their listing through the owner login to securely manage their business.


The risk is considerably more as a result of online fraudulent activities. They do courteously state that you should proceed with caution when making payments. They furthermore encourage prospective customers to communicate directly with the property owners or managers via telephone and not merely the Vacation Home Rentals online contact owners email page.

The following are Warning Signs:

  • Low prices

  • Location uncertainty or

  • Lack of information

  • Poorly answered questions or

  • Poor management or rental

  • Suspicious behavior

  • Strange or unusual requests

  • A lack of communication or unresponsive communication (24-48 hours is usually the response time.

Find an alternative should you not hear back from the manager or owner) and maladministration are all warning signs that raise questions about the legitimacy of the vacation package for vacationers. Ask questions to ensure that you get a location and accommodation to meet your requirements. This is the only way to guarantee that you get 100% customer satisfaction. Vacation Home Rentals guides vacationers with the FAQ (Further Asked Questions) to ensure that the property owners deliver the best possible service to their clients and thus ensuring quality assurance delivery.

According to Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostics ( (enter the url after the site=) Vacation Home Rentals dot com is not currently listed as a suspicious site attracting suspicious behavior. The site has not been visited by Google for tha last 90 days; however, has not been an intermediary for infection / bugs / viruses / malware. No webmaster review of the site was made available. For more information on preventing internet scams and check fraud…, please visit their fraud prevention tips page and For your protection, they are also

  • TrustE certified and

  • Powered by Perceptions and their own privacy policy governing their actions.



Vacation Home Rentals: Pricing & Packages

Tom Gilmore is the founder of a online rental community network that was based on generational experiences and memories that was initiated by his grandfather eighty years ago at the unbelievable bargain price of $17.50. Today, his business can be found at where a variety of travelers are able to Find a Rental with and spot their location with their Sitemap. Last minute deals and when you list your property will have different pricing.

The Vacation Home Rentals pricing varies with last minute specials on any accommodation with two bedroom quarters to homes with security and entertainment features, fully furnished villas and much more worldwide from as little as $95± per week. Pricing needs to be negotiated and confirmed with the property owner or manager directly.




Vacation Home Rentals: Shipping Rates & Policies primarily provides vacation home rental and or travel packages where rentals are digitally acquired through online transactions. The shipping rates are relative to the purchase and the related business ventures. International wire transfers will require different shipping rates to local currency payments. This should be discussed with the owner or manager who could presently be anywhere in the world:



United States Vacation Rentals (11,580) Canada Vacation Rentals (223) Caribbean Vacation Rentals (444) Mexico Vacation Rentals (287) Asia Vacation Rentals (248) Europe Vacation Rentals (222) Central America Vacation Rentals (114) South America Vacation Rentals (100) Africa Vacation Rentals (59) South Pacific Vacation Rentals (17) Vacation Home Rentals has provided a • Best Price Promise and their • Happy Rental Guarantee; • Disclaimer • Copyright • About Us (shows that there policy is about placing family to family rentals first while annually delivering a safe and secure service to thousands of travelers and families worldwide who need to Find a Rental and who wish to “Contact Us” / visit • Privacy Policy and access to • Trip Cancellation Insurance is provided for your own security and protection from unnecessary shipping rates and breach of policies and for the best afordable vacation home rentals in the business.




Vacation Home Rentals has provided a




Vacation Home Rentals: Payment Methods Accepted

In keeping with website security encourages customer to be alert for fraudster, scams, extortion and any suspicious transactions while making payments. The full rent plus a deposit prior to occupation is paid directly to the owner or manager. Payment methods vary:


  • Personal Checks

  • p "margin-bottom: 0mm;">PayPal
  • Credit Cards (providers)

  • Debit Cards

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Money Order

  • Personal Check

  • E-check

  • International Bank Wire transfer

Where a security deposit is required, it is assumed that it will be a cash payment in the local currency or alternatively a traveler’s check or check. This needs to be confirmed with the vacation rental owner or manager.

. There should be a direct link to this section on the website. It's rated a hesitant 4.


Vacation Home Rentals: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

href="details/vacationhomerentals/"> a simple but fair process in place:


  • There is a Disclaimer that states that if for some reason that falls within any of their guarantee programs on offer, they will consider the reasons for the customer dissatisfaction and request for a refund based on their refund policy.

  • The complaint and request needs to be logged though their online customer support Contact Us page.

  • The information required includes the

  • customer listing (identity number) and the

  • reason for dissatisfaction.

  • Vacation Home Rentals will consider the request relative to the relevant guarantee program.

  • No-one needs to know who you are as your profile listing may be made public or private protected by Vacation Home rentals Privacy Policy.

  • However, notifying the site when deciding to discontinue a subscription prior to automatic renewal is mandatory should you wish to discontinue your listing:

  • In the event that this does not happen the site will not be held liable and will not refund you. Travelers will be protected under the purchase of a Trip Cancellation Insurance. Good reasons for the delay or cancellation of a trip at would be

  • Illness

  • Natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, runaway fires and anything outside of your control: the weather may cause a delay, re-route or cancellation of travel plans.

  • Home walls caving in

  • Accidents

  • Etc.

These do not normally necessitate a refund according to refund policy; however, with the Trip Cancellation Insurance, airline tickets, car rentals and the vacation home rentals…the travel package will be reimbursed.

Once again, it will be helpful to have a link to relevant information. It will improve readership and navigation at Vaction Home Rentals. This also receives a rating of a hesitant, yet favourable four.



All information was sourced on line from the active links and are included in a product review that the writer exclusively holds the rights of – print, web, digital forms, reprint, referencing and or other. Any use of any part of the product review needs the express permission of the reviewer.


Vacation Home Rentals: Product images & screenshots
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